I am Annika Johnsson. I was born in southern Sweden. I grew up in a small village with about

2,900 inhabitants, Munka-Ljungby. I am a civil engineer and on my free time I like to be with

my family, walk with our dog (Diego), read books, swim and try different receipt for Cookie.


As a child I have spend many sunny days in the garden of my parents. With a book in my hand

and with birches whizzing. The Swedish Summer is close to my heart, with the early morning

light and the late warm evening light.


                                                        Our holiday house we have had since 2013, and we can every Year enjoy the good things from

                                                        the summer in Sweden. The house is located in the edge of the forest and in the near from the sea.

                                                        A place where I can gather strength.


                                              Since 2006, I live with my family in Switzerland. A landscape that I like very much and it's a great

                                              feeling to come back and see the mountains – my second home.


                                              I was starting baking cinnamon rolls because I missed this cake from Sweden. With time,

                                              I discovered that I also want to show and offer a bit of Sweden.


                                              Are you interested for Swedish cracker or a gift with a Swedish thing?